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By Jonathan Davenport, CSCS, TSAC-F, CCC, CPT
An introduction to the philosophy of SOVRN Coaching & how we get clients the results that have been so frustratingly elusive.

If you are on this page, or site, then you are like most others and are searching for a coaching service that can help you achieve the results that have been eluding thus far. Whether you are trying to lose the extra weight, pack-on lean-muscle mass, or are a performance based athlete; everyone has a common denominator: there is a goal in mind. If you have a goal, then you have started the first step in the journey to achieving what you have set out for. Check out my article, “The 6-Steps to Achieving Long-Lasting Results,” from the Tenacity Blog Series for more information.

What Separates SOVRN Coaching?

SOVRN Coaching has separated itself in a very competitive market by doing something that seems like a very common sense approach… Caring. The root to a successful coaching/client relationship is that the relationship is established with both the coach and client caring about succeeding in achieving the desired goals. A professional coach will not only have the knowledge and expertise in the field of exercise science, but will also take on a supportive and empathetic role.

At SOVRN, we pride ourselves on treating our clients as individuals with specific and individual needs… NOT just another dollar sign. SOVRN Coaching provides clients using our 1:1 Coaching Service (online or in-person) will receive the highest level of strength and conditioning programming and coaching.

Working with SOVRN Coaching

SOVRN Coaching provides clients with an extremely comprehensive training curriculum that will address every aspect of our client’s needs. First, we offer a price-point for every single budget — all services are comprehensive and will allow the client to achieve the results desired. Click here for our services and pricing.

The Training Process:

  1. Initial Consult: Establish goals and desired outcomes
  2. Testing: Movement screening and baseline fitness testing
  3. Establish a Plan: Procure a roadmap to achieve goals
  4. Client Receives Plan: Time for action and compliance to plan
  5. Program Monitoring & Adjustments: Coach will communicate and adjust plan weekly as necessary
  6. Enjoy the Process & See Results: Compliance and discipline will lead to results

SOVRN Coaching makes things simple and easy to follow. We do not change everything about your current routine, but instead make a few simple changes that will allow you, the client, to regain confidence in yourself and the change that you have set out to achieve.

The “Foundations Principles” is the methodology that SOVRN Coaching & Fitness’ Owner, Jon Davenport, created to help people wanting results that were attainable and that could be maintained after.

Some of the key factors of the “Foundations Principles”Methodology that consistently produces results are as follows:

  • An In-depth Look at the Client: medical history, lifestyle, and goals
  • A Formal Assessment & Movement Screening
  • A Detailed Plan of Action that is SCIENCE BASED, SUSTAINABLE & SIMPLE: the plan of action will not completely change the clients routine, but make the current routine more effective by making small changes that lead to Big Time Results Through Consistency!!
  • An Available and Caring Coach that Will be Here for Our Clients Every Step of the Process to Ensure Our Clients are Encouraged and Succeed.


If you are ready to get started, or want to see if SOVRN Coaching & Fitness will be a good fit for you, then Book a Free Consultation Today!

Have more questions that need quick answering? Reach out and we look forward to connecting with you.

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