Welcome to Sovrn Coaching & Fitness: Where Meaningful and Tangible Results are Made

By Jonathan Davenport, CSCS, TSAC-F, CCC, CPT
An introduction to the philosophy of SOVRN Coaching & how we get clients the results that have been so frustratingly elusive.

If you are on this page, or site, then you are like most others and are searching for a coaching service that can help you achieve the results that have been eluding thus far. Whether you are trying to lose the extra weight, pack-on lean-muscle mass, or are a performance based athlete; everyone has a common denominator: there is a goal in mind. If you have a goal, then you have started the first step in the journey to achieving what you have set out for.

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What Separates SOVRN Coaching?

SOVRN Coaching has separated itself in a very competitive market by doing something that seems like a common sense approach… Caring. The root to a successful coaching/client relationship is that the relationship is established with both the coach and client caring about succeeding in achieving the desired goals. A professional strength and conditioning specialist will not only have the knowledge and expertise in the field of exercise science, but will also take on a supportive and empathetic role.

At SOVRN, we pride ourselves on treating our clients as individuals with specific and individual needs… NOT just another dollar sign. SOVRN Coaching provides clients using our 1:1 Coaching Service (online or in-person) will receive the highest level of strength and conditioning programming and coaching. Clients

Working with SOVRN Coaching

SOVRN Coaching provides clients with an extremely comprehensive training curriculum that will address every aspect of our client’s needs with plans that fit every budget.

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Who We Train

We train people who want to perform to the best of their abilities. Whether you are a weekend warrior, wanting to lose weight/gain lean-muscle mass, or a driven athlete seeking to improve your athletic performance. SOVRN Coaching can help you achieve the goals at hand.

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How SOVRN Coaching Gets You Results

Many coaches make empty promises to their clients. They promise results and the clients never see anything tangible. The important question now begs, “How will SOVRN Coaching get me the results that I want?” The simple answer is that we deliver on our promises by putting you into a results-centered system that works time and time again for our clients. Without a system, a coach either relies on making stuff up on the spot, or gives clients cookie cutter programs that are not individually catered to the client. SOVRN has used case studies of clients, as well as the latest research to provide a system based on proven results no matter what your goals are.

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We Help You End the Cycle of Disappointment

What is “The Cycle of Disappointment?” It is the pervasive cycle that prevents people making true and meaningful changes. Let’s take a look at the cycle in the image below..

The image above is probably reminiscent on all of the times that you have tried to follow through with habit and lifestyle changes just to come up short in that endeavor. SOVRN Coaching will help you to conquer this cycle once and for all. We will provide you with all the tools necessary, the accountability, and the blueprint of changing your habits are preventing you from living and performing to the best of your abilities.

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