Have you ever been to your physician for an annual check-up just for them to poke & prod and screen for any health issues, but left without any guidance or a plan of action to either increase your current health status or to reverse any present ailments? Like everyone else, I have had my annual physical performed year-over-year and not once was I given a plan to improve my health to optimal levels. I am not bashing our great physicians; however, I am pointing out a major flaw in our medical system. We have a system that is reactionary and not preventative in nature. True Physical™ goes on the offense rather than being reactionary. True Physical™ provides valuable information and a plan of action to address deficiencies, decrease the risk of all-cause mortality, increase vitality and increase performance.

True Physical™ is the most comprehensive battery of physical fitness and movement tests to analyze and provide feedback for every aspect of health and wellness. True Physical™ is a 6-session onramp program that gives the client all of their baseline metrics for all facets of fitness. The client has the option of two separate tracks. The first track offers the addition of metabolic testing through a metabolic analyzer (VO2 Master Pro). These results are the “Gold Standard” for indirect calorimetry and cardiorespiratory testing. The second track offers the same exact tests, but without the metabolic analyzer. Both have the option for a 3-month custom program add-on at a discounted rate.

What to Expect

Sessions 1-3:
- Day 1:

  • Athlete Profiling
  • Nutrition & Body Composition
  • Functional Movement Assessment

- Day 2:

  • High Threshold Testing:
    - Power Assessment
    - Strength Assessment

- Day 3:

  • Conditioning Testing:
    - Aerobic Capacity Assessment (Cardiorespiratory)
    - Muscular Endurance Assessment
  • Anaerobic Capacity Assessment (Work Capacity)

- Day 4:
Sessions 4-6 :

  • Refining: Squatting & Lunging  Motor Mechanics

- Day 5:

  • Refining: Pressing, Carrying & Rotational Motor Mechanics

- Day 6:

  • Refining: Hinging & Pulling Motor Mechanics
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True Physical®

2-day comprehensive battery of physical fitness tests

Resting Metabolic Rate & VO2 Max Test Included

Full report showing minimum and ideal ranges for each test

3-month program to address deficiencies, or cost pro-rated into a bundle

Plan of action to reduce risk of all-cause mortality

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