"Jon has coached me on and off for the last 4 years; however, this last year I truly committed to the nutrition side of training and all I can say is WOW! Jon helping me with my nutrition changed the game! Not only is Jon knowledgeable, but he is an extremely relational guy who focuses on every last detail to make sure I was progressing.  He tracked everything! Weights, sets, reps, times, and monitored how I was feeling as well. He is extremely detailed. He truly cares about his clients and makes sure each one of them is heard and individually catered too depending on goals and needs. Jon will encourage, hold you accountable, push you, and make you the best possible version of yourself. I respect the HELL out of this man and he is one of the most genuine and authentic dudes around."

what our clients are saying


"I don't write reviews. In fact, I detest them. However, what Sovrn Coaching has done for me in 4 short months beckons me to write this review so that others can experience the life change and results that I have. I met the owner and coach through a mutual community as one in need of desperate help. I was in the middle of a career change which required me to work all night long sitting in a car eating fast food at 1am to suddenly finding myself required to perform at a high level on a physical fitness test in order to join the ranks of a high performing unit that protects this country. Jon was essentially tasked with taking an overweight, stressed, time-limited individual and turning me around into a high performer. With Jon's coaching, guidance, and expertise I dropped 4 minutes on my mile time, increased my calisthenics, and was lifting heavier numbers than I did in high school. Jon not only is professional, knowledgable, and fun, but he actually cares about you. He cares about your goals, dreams, aspirations, and not just your fitness but overall wellbeing and life. So much so in fact, Jon has become not just a coach but also a dear friend. I can't recommend Jon and SOVRN coaching enough and know it will change your life too."